Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Fandom Quiz

Here are my results for the fandom quiz!

Reading Update: Divergent

Welcome to my Reading Update on: 


Hello guys yesterday I got the book Divergent for Christmas!!!! I have wanted to read this for awhile, but I COULDN'T. So everybody thank Santy Claus for this post.

So I have only read the first five chapters of Divergent and I love the book already. I have only gotten to the part where Beatrice is on the elevator to the choosing ceremony!

So I got curious and I thought 'What Faction Would I be in?' So I took the quiz in the back of the book and I took an extra quiz online. Here are my results:

Online: Erudite

Book Quiz: Erudite

So apparently I am really, really, intelligent, I am okay with that. But then I figured out that the Erudite doesn't get along with the Abnegation citizens, and I really like Abnegation sooo... I don't know what I would choose!

My next post will be about THE FANDOM QUIZ!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas: What I Got!!!

I was just kidding about the last post! I will still be doing daily blog posts. Here is what I got for Christmas!

The Books:
  1. Divergent by Veronica Roth
  2. Maximum Ride by James Patterson 
  3. I Ever Funnier by James Patterson
  4. Middle School #5 by James Patterson *
  5. Other books that I forgot about

Other Presents: 
  1. A Art Set 
  2. A Journal 
  3. An IPhone (FINALLY)
  4. Hunger Games Stuff

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Dear Readers,

Hello I will not be posting today because it is Christmas and I am spending time with my family in a small town near Lexington, Kentucky. I will also not be posting for the 25-27!! Also I will be doing daily blog posts starting on New Years!!! Have a happy holiday season! I know I will!!! On the 28th I will be doing a Christmas post on what books I got for Christmas,

Hunter Graves

Writing Blog 2.0

Hey guys I did not like tumblr that much so here is a new blog!!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


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Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Writing Blog

Hello guys as you know I have been doing writing updates. Well I won't be doing them anymore! That's because I got a new blog that just focuses on my writing career. So to see that click on this link that I am pointing to -----> My Writing Blog I have not have anytime to change the theme so I will do that ASAP

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Book Review: City of Bones

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare:

May Have Some Spoilers

Hello guys as you know I have been reading City of Bones and I thought that this would be a wonderful book reviews! So first of all I will be talking about my rating scale! I will be rating fluffy unicorns.

I got this book recommended to me by a lot of my friends. They kept on talking and talking about this. So I was like what the hay why not?

Then I got a bunch of recommendations of Clockwork Angel by the same author. They said that it was a lot better. But I had to wait for Christmas to read the book so I decided to pick up City of Bones. And I instantly fell in love with the book.

The only problem with this book is that in the middlish part of the book it was almost boring. I felt like quitting on it. But I kept on reading cause I don't like to quit books. And I was not disappointed! I read the the last two chapters and my jaw dropped. I can't believe all that happened! I was surprised that Valentine was Clary's father and Jace was Clary's Brother!

Overall I loved this book. The only flaw is in the middle I was a bit bored.


My rating is 4/5 Fluffy Unicorns!!

Have a good day and may the odds be ever in your favor

Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Reading Update: City of Bones #3

Hello this is my final City of Bones blog post because I AM FINISHED!! I have to say this book was very surprising. I figured out a bunch of stuff that was really weird. I won't give out any spoilers but it was amazing! This was the part without spoilers

Here are a list of things that were a bit (A LOT) Surprising:

  • Lucian is a werewolf (There were some clues) 
  • Valentine is Clary's father (I'm an idiot for not figuring that out) 
  • Jace is Clary's brother (Speechless) 
  • And Alec and Magmus are gay (Not so surprised) 
Since this is the last of my COB blog here is my favorite character: 

1. Clary she has an awesome personality
2. Simon, he is nerdy like me! 

I am totally on team Clary/Simon 

Monday, December 9, 2013


If you want a book cover for an online book (Not if you are intending on Publishing it with the cover) I will make you one. All you need to do is send me an email at! You have to be patient with me and you may not get what you want.

To make better results fill out this form:


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Repeat this: I agree to not publish my book with this cover unless it is online.

Book Reviews

Hey Guys Hunter is here and I am going to be starting writing book reviews at least once every two weeks! I will be posting a variety of books! I will also be posting Book Reviews of books that is on this website, Wattpad. I will link the author's page and what not. I will only be doing full Wattpad books.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reading Update: City of Bones #2

*Caution Contains Some Spoilers*

Oh my goodness. I love this book so far. I only read thirty pages from the last time I posted and I absolutely love it! I found out about this evil Valentine who apparently was Clary's mom husband at one point (Stepdad?) I also figured out about the Circle and how he wants to turn humans into Shadowhunters to create an army.

My favorite part is finding out about the Mortal Cup (Which my inference is that this is one of the Mortal Instruments). I found out that this cup allows CHILDREN human to become Shadowhunters. If you give it to an adult it will either leave the adult alone or kill them.

I am interested to find out what the City of Bones is. I am on that chapter. Please do not give any spoilers in the comments!

I would like to thank Kat Okeeffe for recommending this book and The Clockwork Angel. I will check that out!

Writing Update #2

Hey guys this is the second post of my Writing Post!

Today I will be talking about mostly The Magia Chronicles book 1: The Quest!

So I will be talking about most of the creatures in the land of Magia (MA-Gee-Uh) So let me get started talking about this special place!

So the first creature I am going to talk about is the Shapeshifters. The Shapeshifters are people that can shape shift into any object. They do have regular forms though. There regular form don't look like humans. They look like big bugs. Ew!

The second creature I am going to talk about is the Fruit People. In Fruit Kingdom everybody is a fruit. They all look like humans but they have like a fruit affect tied into them. One of these Fruit People is called Cherry. Cherry is a female. Her dad, the king, wants her to stay in the kingdom forever. But she wants adventure!

Figure out more creatures and characters by signing up by Email!

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Writing Update #1

As a reader I also love to write. So I decided to write some books. This is the account of the books I write.

My first book I am writing is My Life Sucks (Pun intended you dirty hamster). This book is also written with my friend Ashley Robbins. This book tells the account of Hannah and Jason. Ashley is writing the Hannah part, and I am writing the Jason part. We are an awesome team in my opinion. Their is a lot of surprises in this book.

Another book I am writing by myself is called The Quest which is book one of The Magia Chronicles. This book is kind of awesome in my opinion. In the land of Magia there are all type of creatures. It tales to life of Jakob, the only human in Magia. His adoptive brother Kolin is a Shapeshifter. Jakob is tired of living in Shapeshifter Village so when he turns 16 he travels to Tree Kingdom. He then discovers that he is the chosen one and he must destroy the evil Fire King. Will he destroy the Fire King? Or will he and everybody else die?

Reading Update: City of Bones

Hey guys I'm Hunter (The Book Nerd) and I am here to talk about the book that I am reading, which is the City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

I am currently on page 135 and I really enjoy it. Usually most of these books are crap but this one is special. This got really bad reviews online mostly because she quoted from other books. What's the big friggin' deal? She quoted from books. WOW! You guys aren't even paying attention to the books. You are paying attention to quotes! I'm really peed off about this.

My rating so far: 4/5 stars