Sunday, June 8, 2014

Shadowhunter News

Fellow Shadowhunters I have some news for you!

Cassandra Clare has released information that she will release a Bane Chronicles type book. This book will be a short story collection just as Bane Chronicles (will be released in November 2014) is. Maureen Johnson finally got her City of Simon! I wonder if this is just about Simon or if the other characters will be in there as well. Guess we will find out soon(ish)

In other Shadowhunter News:

(1) What would you do for a ARC for The Iron Trial? People who attended BEA had the chance to get the ARC of The Iron Trial. Some people who got them signed had put them up on E-Bay. The highest bid placed on a book is 79 dollars. People will get anything to get one of these books! Well I guess it is cheaper than the thousand dollar trip you travel.

(2) 142 Weeks on the Bestselling List! The Mortal Instruments is currently #1 on the Bestseller list. For 142 weeks! Opening weeks of CoHF had boosted the funds!



June 3
June 4
June 5
June 7
July 22
Clockwork Princess manga to be released
September 9
The Iron Trial (Magisterium series) to be released
November 11
The Bane Chronicles full book to be released

That is it on Shadowhunter News I am Hunter from the London Institute I will see you all later bye!

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